Experienced Counsel On Florida Construction Contracts And Liens

Before a new construction project or renovation gets underway, all parties involved should take care to understand contractual obligations and protect their own interests. As a contractor, subcontractor or supplier, what recourse will you have if you invest your own resources and do not get paid? What can you do if you are a real estate owner with a lien recorded against your property?

These questions and many other nuanced aspects of Florida construction lien law are familiar territory for attorney Jeff Cutler and our legal team at DE LA CRUZ & CUTLER, LLP in Coral Gables. In-depth knowledge of this complex area of law is one defining strength of our long-standing practice covering the South Florida metro area and surrounding counties — especially given that the required procedures and technicalities are intimidating even for many lawyers.

Construction Contract Or Payment Dispute? Do You Need To File A Lien Or Contest One?

We advise and represent many contractors and subcontractors, as well as real property owners, developers and condominium and homeowners associations when they face concerns over construction contracts and liens. Key considerations include:

  • Filing a construction lien (or mechanic's lien) is often the most effective way to compel and obtain payment for work or materials delivered. However, it is absolutely critical to follow all lien law requirements, meet the strict deadline for filing a lawsuit and avoid errors that could void your lien rights.
  • If a lien has been recorded against your property, you must take the situation seriously and get qualified counsel quickly. Not only will a construction lien prevent you from selling or refinancing, it gives the holder the right to foreclose on the property and seek recovery of attorneys' fees.
  • Our attorneys provide comprehensive guidance and advocacy on bonds that provide surety while protecting your property ownership rights if a lien is filed; on notice requirements and rights under construction law; on disputes over alleged defects and delays, and on other complex issues in construction law.

Get The Clear Counsel And Practical, Efficient Representation You Need

With decades of experience asserting and defending diverse clients' rights in matters involving construction disputes and liens, we at DE LA CRUZ & CUTLER, LLP are well-equipped to step in and address your high-value concerns. To consult a lawyer who will explain options clearly, investigate and take decisive action for you, call 305-446-0100 or email our legal team now.